Our Ambassadors

Kasia Madera

It is with indescribable pride and joy, that we would like to announce that Kasia Madera has graciously accepted our humble request to become Opoka’s Patron. Kasia Madera is a BBC World News journalist and presenter, a household name and is respected worldwide for her work. Kasia Madera is an active member of the London Polish community and has been honoured for her work in promoting Polish culture with the coveted Maciej Płaźynski International Journalism Award. The Polish Embassy in London has also awarded Kasia Madera as an Honorary Ambassador of Polish Women to the United Kingdom. On Sunday evening of 11 November 2018, in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world - the Royal Albert Hall in London - Kasia Madera, accompanied by Grażyna Torbicka, conducted a ceremonial concert "Sto Lat", dedicated to the one hundredth anniversary of Poland's independence. It is therefore a great honour for us to be able to say that such a respected female personality such as Kasia has accepted the position of Patron to the Opoka Service. On behalf of us all and the vulnerable women and children we are set up to serve we at Opoka extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. Reports from the Jubilee Concert "Sto Lat", 11th November 2018, Royal Albert Hall, London, parts 1 & 2 in the links below.


Renata Durda

We would like to present to you our Chief Ambassador the great Renata Durda! Certified specialist and supervisor in the field of Domestic Violence prevention (certified of the State Agency for Alcohol Problem Solving and the Institute of Psychological Health of the Polish Psychological Association). Head of the National Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence "Blue Line" in Poland run by the Institute of Health Psychology of the Polish Psychological Association. She is editor of the monthly magazine “Blue Line” about Domestic Violence and Abuse and Prevention. Member of the Monitoring Team on Domestic Violence Prevention with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy (third term); Social Advocate for Children's Rights Advocate (second term). The National Emergency Service for victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse “Blue Line” since 1995 continuously offers: Helpline, an interdisciplinary assistance program for people involved in domestic violence and initiating modern methods of domestic violence prevention. Information centre, operation and development of the national programmes for individuals, organisations and institutions supporting the family violence victims “Blue Line”; education and training for all public services in Poland.

Monika Walsh

A Polish woman who has won many titles: “Mrs Ireland” in 2014, a “Style Queen”, “Mrs Dublin” in London 2014. Then “Mrs Ireland Europe in the final in Bulgaria winning the title “Miss Personality” and Congeniality Award, in Minsk in 2015 Mrs Ireland Universe winning “Mrs Charisma sash” and “Mrs Ireland World” in China in 2016. Monika came to Ireland during her studies in 2004. It was here that she met her husband and started a family. Monika Walsh studied Pedagogy, in Ireland Monika prepared pre-school children to start school. She also worked in a Polish school as a teacher, helping Poles to learn the English language. In 2015 in Bulgaria during the competition, Monika took part in the discussions about Domestic Violence. It was then that she decided to change the popularity and opportunities of the media and the international scene to help women who suffered Domestic Violence and Abuse. After that Monika started raising awareness about Domestic Violence she gets involved in the campaign “Queens without scars” and started her own “Let her smile not cry”. She has noticed how much work still needs to be done and how many women who still suffer from Domestic Violence and Abuse and who need help and support from someone who would speak up on their behalf.

Marta Klubowicz

Alluring and multi-talented and growing more beautiful with age: Marta Klubowicz is a Polish Theater and film Actress, a poet, writer, translator and photographer. She graduated from "Carolinum" General Secondary School in Nysa, and then from PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław 1985. She made her debut in Theatre in Wrocław. After graduation, she was an actress of the Theater in Warsaw managed by Zygmunt Hübner. In 1991 she went on an art scholarship to Vienna and stayed there for a few years. She learnt the language, appeared in films and wrote cultural correspondence. Since 1997 she has played in Wrocław Contemporary Theatre and the Baltic Dramatic Theatre, she cooperates with many theatres in Poland. She is well known for her roles in films and Theatre. She combines both her passions — acting and poetry — in original poetic performances, which brought her the Witold Hulewicz Award. She gladly works with young people, directs performances, as well as conducts theatre and literary workshops. She held correspondence workshops for poets in the Anagram publishing house for several years. Together with Fred Apke, she cooperates with Eichendorff Centre in Łubowice. She translates scenarios and acts in outdoor performances. She has been a member of the jury and co-organiser of Jerzy Kozarzewski poetic contest "Orzech" in Nysa for many years. She translated Joseph von Eichendorff's Poetry as well as all plays by Fred Apke into Polish (many performances and publications). The comedy Letnisko (Summer Resort) translated by her received the third award in the second edition of "Komediopisanie" contest, and the play for children Adonis ma gościa (Adonis Has a Guest) obtained the leading award in the competition organised by Children's Art Centre in Poznań. She is the author of the study on the bestseller Kato-Tata which raises an important social issue (Child Abuse). She appears there under the name of Maria Burzyńska (Santorski/second edition: Czarna Owca 2009 - 2013). She is an honorary citizen of Nysa. In 2011, she was awarded the Medal of Merit for Polish Culture.

Beata Kubiak

The mother of three children, radiating full life and love for people. She came to Great Britain for one purpose… to give her children an easier start. She discovered her sensitivity to the suffering of others when she was still a teenager in the Medical Secondary School. The hardships of life prevented her from completing her diploma, but at the age of 49 Beata decided to achieve her goal and graduated from high school. As she says, she has always been driven by an inner strength that allowed her to overcome all difficulties. Currently, she is developing professionally and doing what she loves the most - helping others. In recent years, she has been working on changing her image, which she considers to be one of the foundations of emotional and mental health, especially in women. Violence in the family has accompanied her from childhood, so now she wants to help other women to free themselves from violence and avoid suffering. Years of working on herself, on her thinking, have made her strong today and she wants to support other women very much, she wants to inspire them and encourage them to act and love themselves. Beata says: "Change your thinking and you will change your life"

Sue Dymond

Sue Dymond is CIO of Bazooka Bunny Ltd, an international award-winning film and television company based in Bristol, UK. Alongside managing the day to day office environment and as a production manager on projects, she completes voice over work for advertising campaigns and is a recognized broadcast editor on TV series. Sue is also involved with graphic design work for promotional merchandise and production-related stills photography.  Over the years she has always been inspired with all that is visual and after 7 years in the art industry including picture framing and materials buying, 2 years performing arts at college where she won the Lydia and Charles Thompson award for the most committed student and as an adult, completed levels 1 – 6, Bronze, Silver and Gold tap dancing exams, all with honours, she has continued to express her optimism with her artwork of mainly watercolours and recently (inspired by her artistic Mum) with oil painting.  It doesn't matter who you are, what qualifications you have, what size of house or flat you live in, what language you speak, where you live in the world or how much money you have or don't have; you and the people that you love should be safe in your own home, to be yourself, without fear, without anxiety. I am very lucky to be married to someone who I can trust completely and can let me be who I am. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to have any children in our lives, so I can only imagine a very small part of what these women’s and children go through. So, if I can help Opoka in some capacity (although I do not speak Polish!), however small, I will. My only qualification being – just someone who cares.